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Hershey is a dark brown, Standard donkey, born in 2000. He was admitted to The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada in summer 2004.

Before he was brought to the Sanctuary Farm, Hershey lived on a horse farm in Southern Ontario. Unfortunately, in his first few weeks of life, Hershey was taken away from his mother. He was bottle-fed and, in turn, he bonded with his human caretakers, who did not realize that the excessive attention they were showering on him could become a liability. As the months passed, Hershey became harder and harder to handle, and he did not relate to the other animals on the farm. Instead, he wanted always to be with his people. His caregivers finally decided to send him to an equine auction.

The founders of Upper Credit Humane Society heard of Hershey's plight, and decided to take him in. He lived with a companion horse named Charlie, until poor health made it impossible for the caregivers to continue with daily chores, and they were forced to look for new homes for their equines.

When Hershey arrived at the DSC, he was uncomfortable and fearful around the herd. He had never had the opportunity to learn behaviour from another donkey. Instead, he preferred to stand alone by the fence and he would run away from his equine companions. In the past few years, however, Hershey has become more comfortable with other donkeys and can be seen playing with some of the younger geldings.

Hershey’s rehabilitation has been gradual and it is ongoing. The consistent, firm, gentle treatment that he receives from DSC staff is making a positive difference. Nevertheless, when he is around people, he can be pushy and will sometimes nip in his attempt to seek attention. For this reason, we do not allow visitors to approach the pasture where he lives.