The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada does not support, endorse or condone donkey-roping.

In this terrifying practice, donkeys are crammed into a cattle chute, shocked by an electrified prod to make them run, and then are roped by their head and hind legs again, and again.

The fact the donkeys need to be prodded in order to run speaks to the stress and pain they suffer by being forced to participate in this activity. Hurting and frightening an animal in order to force it to do one’s will is not only unacceptable but by definition is criminal animal abuse. It is downright cruel.

Roping donkeys often are forced to participate until they cannot continue either from exhaustion or injury. Severe rope burns, to the point of bleeding, have been found on many donkeys rescued from these events. In addition, donkeys are sensitive equines and their temperaments are completely unsuited to an event such as this. There is potential, in donkey-roping, for these gentle animals to become literally terrified to death.

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Donkey Baseball and/or Basketball

During donkey ball activities, animals are often slapped, dragged and kicked by children or adults who usually have no experience handling them. The lack of skill, combined with the adrenaline of competition and the excitement of the crowd, creates an environment with potential for extreme abuse.  As well, most participants are much too heavy for the donkeys they are riding. According to The Donkey Sanctuary in the UK, the average standard donkey (the size usually used for these events) should carry no more than 110lbs. Any more weight than that can cause permanent damage to tendons, ligaments and the skeletal structure.  

Donkey basketball and baseball events send young people the message that it is OK to abuse and humiliate those who are in a helpless condition. Children who are exposed to animal abuse are taught the dangerous lesson that cruelty is acceptable. (*from:

The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada does not support, endorse or condone donkey basketball or donkey baseball.
In physical and psychological terms, basketball and baseball were created by and for human beings. The naturally cautious, gentle temperament of donkeys is in no way suited to the competitive, rapid movements required during the playing of these sports. In addition, too often donkeys are included because it is anticipated that their participation will be seen as a source of derisive humor by the spectators. It is both cruel and inhumane to involve and treat these gentle equines in this way.