What do you give the person who has everything?

How about a donkey? Well. Not actually a donkey, wrapped up in a bow, and delivered to someone's door. More like the idea of a donkey - you can give a gift, in the form of a monetary donation, or a donkey sponsorship, to name just a few possibilities - in someone's name, to The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada. So the next time you encounter an occasion, say, someone's birthday, or wedding, or anniversary, or graduation, or - you know where we're going with this - and you think, 'gosh, I simply can not think of what to give' - think of the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada. It's not just a nice way to celebrate a special moment in someone's life, it's a really nice way to keep a donkey comfortable and well cared for. And when you give your gift, we'll send an acknowledgment card to the gift recipient. To learn more about the Alternate Giving program, we invite you to download the brochure below. And, if you're already convinced of the pure goodness of this idea, go ahead and click the 'donate' button below, and you'll be redirected to our online donation form. Thank you.