Foster Farm Network: FAQ

Q: Can I ride my DSC donkey or give rides at a children's party?
A: No. A DSC donkey may not be ridden, nor can our donkeys be used for any commercial purpose or monetary gain such as donkey rides, parties, etc.
Q: I want my children to take care of the donkeys. Why does the DSC require that an adult be the primary caretaker?
A: Children often lose interest in new projects - they grow up and leave home to go to school, get married, or embark upon new life choices. It then becomes the parents' responsibility to take over. Donkeys can live for over 40 years. It is very stressful and disruptive to the donkeys to continually move them from place to place. We want our fostered donkeys to live out their lives in their new homes. If you are planning on having your children care for the donkeys, please consider that you will need to be prepared to care for them if/when your children lose interest/move away. If your children want to take the fostered donkeys with them when they move, they will need to go through the application process again so that the DSC can approve the new facilities for the donkeys.