Foster Farm: The Process

Thanks for your interest in the DSC Foster Farm Program. When donkeys are fostered to loving homes, space becomes available at the Sanctuary Farm for other abused, neglected or unwanted donkeys. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the 10 Steps to Fostering Donkeys. This process has been developed in order to help us ensure a long happy relationship with you, the donkeys and The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada. To begin, we ask you to be patient. Depending upon a number of factors, it can take over 2 months to interview applicants, inspect facilities, find just the right match, and, finally, to deliver the donkeys to the new foster farm.

1 Complete the online Foster Farm Application or, mail or fax the following downloadable completed application form to the Sanctuary Farm
2 Attend interview and meet the DSC donkeys.
3 Agree to the Foster Farm Program Terms and Conditions.
4 Participate in the Qualifying Farm Inspection by DSC Field Officer - $40. charge (applied to Package A or B below if approved)
5 Make any modifications to your facilities that are necessary to accommodate the donkeys’ needs and meet the DSC standards of care
6 Attend hands-on Basic Donkey Care Workshop & participate in Donkey Selection
7 Arrange delivery date
8 Select Package A or B - Payable by cheque at time of delivery.
DSC Donkey Care Manual DSC Donkey Care Manual
Medical Records Medical Records
Blank Health Record Forms Blank Health Record Forms
Halter Halter
Cloth measuring tape Cloth measuring tape
Current DSC Foster Farm Newsletter Current DSC Foster Farm Newsletter
Contact information for Field Officer & FF Coordinator Contact information for Field Officer & FF Coordinator
  Good quality nylon lead
  Grooming Kit (basket, rubber and plastic curry combs, soft & hard brushes, hoof pick, fly spray,hoof spray)
9 Sign Commitment Form upon delivery.
10 Reimburse DSC for mileage at $.60/km round trip and Grooming Kit if applicable
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