Humane Education

Compassion and respect for people, animals and the rest of the natural world are vital, as is the recognition of the interdependence of all living things. A visit to the Sanctuary encourages visitors of all ages, either singly or in groups, to appreciate these principles firsthand.

The Learning Centre, with its interactive displays, has been developed so that everyone can better understand donkeys, mules and hinnies, and the natural world in which they live.

The walk around Wild Duck Marsh, on our Interactive Trail, is a great opportunity to experience in depth this complex, fascinating wetland environment.

Donkey Talks, held three times per day on every Open Day, are lively dialogues meant to acquaint visitors with the inner workings of the Sanctuary, along with some of the many stories about the animals in our care and the lives they have lived.


And especially for Teachers and their Classes:

Class Sponsorships (at $75/year) are a great way to get to know the donkeys, mules and hinnies in their special world. A Sponsorship means that help will be given towards the costs of care of a donkey, mule or hinny for one year. In return for this special help, we will send along a photo and biography of the chosen animal, along with our promise to answer each and every question that the students might have, either by email, post, or in person!
We encourage teachers and students - kindergarten through grade six - to look into our Humane Education Worksheets (pdf files listed at the bottom of this page). Although they use donkeys as the focus animal through which to teach, respect for all animals, people and the rest of the natural world is the broader lens of our instruction.
The worksheets deal with language arts, visual arts, and math, as well as general animal appreciation and humane care. Each is designed to be grade/age appropriate and is compatible with the Ontario Department of Education Curriculum.

Special Needs Classes

The Sanctuary offers unique opportunities to people with special needs and sessions are tailored to the abilities of the students or adults involved. Elements of a visit include: 

  1. Hands-on, interactive experience with the donkeys.
  2. Guided and self-guided trail walks*
  3. A tranquil setting for reflection and relaxation
  4. Wheelchair accessibility in the barnyard, picnic area and some trails*
  5. *Please note that the trails are not paved or groomed so terrain may be uneven and challenging for some people and wheelchairs.

Group Visits

The Donkey Sanctuary welcomes groups to come for a guided tour of our facility. Learn about the history of the Sanctuary, the work we do with the animals, the special nature of donkeys. Tours may be arranged from May through October. A Sanctuary guide will be there to greet you, tell you about the DSC and guide you on your tour.
Cost is $10 per person, minimum $80 per group.  Please follow the links to the pdf files below for more information about Group Tours.

Special Interest Groups

Should you feel the Sanctuary would be of interest to your group we would love to have you visit us. We will try our best to accommodate your particular interest in a manner best suited to your needs. Some special interest groups who have visited us in the past include:

Photography Clubs, HIkers, Cubs & Beavers, Animal Enthusiasts, Equine Lovers, Youth Camps, Artists, Nature Lovers, Youth Clubs


Please send an email to or call the office at 519-836-1697 for more information about our Humane Education programs, sponsorships, group visits and special tours. 


We look forward to welcoming you.


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